Why use outdoor advertising

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Why use outdoor advertising

Why Use Outdoor Advertising
- Last universal OOH ERP
Last true broadcast advertising medium
The most public advertising medium available
Free to user
Media fragmentation
- Target your audience efficiently
Target a precise audience in a specific city or broad based population
Efficiently target particular ethnic groups, ages, income or other demographic segments
- Positioning at point of purchase
Over 70% of purchase decisions are made in store
Provide the last hit before the purchase
Generate extensive awareness near point of purchase
- Outdoor advertising cannot be 'turned off'
Outdoor advertising is 'on' 24 hours per day
Extends the life of your advertising campaign
- Larger than life
Big brand feel
Outdoor advertising compels attention and stimulates recall
Size builds brand's stature
- Consumer pull distributor push
Visual support to distributors
Encourages trade retailers' endorsement and in store exposure
Ideal for penetrating competitive strongholds
- Consumers like outdoor advertising
Sources of information for new products, store locations and event advertising
Become talking points
Geo-demographic relevance

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