[DTV] Clan Returns

We are back!

Yes I lost the domain to a guy who made a website dedicated to his dog.

After waiting on it to expire (it never did) i picked up this domain to get us going again.

Post a message in the forums to get us going!



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The finance minister has made returning the country's financial books to the black by the next election in 2015 a compulsory goal.That would mean eliminating the current $26billion deficit in less than three years.
With federalprovincial labour market agreements coming up for renewal this year, industry insiders say flaherty is looking to use some of the money in the skills fund to directly pay firms on a matching basis to train workers or to have firms direct funds to specific skills training institutions.
Lastly, the budget is likely to devote some resources to help exporters make inroads into fastgrowing emerging markets like china and brazil.
Flaherty outlined his priorities this week in a letter to the conservative caucus, listing three areas for action skills training, fixing the country's crumbling infrastructure and beefing up the manufacturing and processing industries that generate about 1.8 million of the country's bestpaying jobs.
In [URL=http://operate81.tumblr.com]discountedchristianlouboutinshoes[/URL] a report wednesday, statistics canada calculated there were 221, 000 job vacancies in december, while about 1.3 million Canadians remained unemployed.
Ottawa having all but ruled out new spending, the trick for jim flaherty in thursday's budget is to maintain the impression of"Action"In his fifth instalment of the economic action plan series that was created as a response to a global economic meltdown.
The conservative government wants to offer canadians two plums in the 2015 campaign income splitting for tax purposes and doubling the popular tax savings funds.But those pledges, made in 2011, were contingent on eliminating the deficit.
The flurry of initiatives is the product of years of thinking about how to get the most out of what is [URL=http://www.tractionkitinguk.co.uk]cheapchristianlouboutinuk[/URL] a shrinking government pot for spending from inside the government through commissioned reports on r aerospace and defence procurement.
Jobs a priority in thursday's federal budget
Flaherty is said to also be looking at creating an innovation investment fund, reshuffling about $400 million ottawa is saving from remodelling the scientific research and experimental [URL=http://www.tractionkitinguk.co.uk]christianlouboutinmensshoes[/URL] development tax credit program into encouraging product development.
To accomplish the feat, sources say flaherty will unveil almost no new spending in thursday's document and no major tax measures, but there [URL=http://www.cheapclshoessale.com]cheapcheapclshoessalereplicashoesaustral... will be plenty of new and renewed programs and promises of problem fixes designed to make canada's economy more efficient and competitive.
Funds will go into luring more aboriginal canadians, the [URL=http://www.tractionkitinguk.co.uk]christianlouboutin[/URL] disabled, youth and seniors into the labour force.
Flaherty said he intends to"Do more"On infrastructure.With stimulus construction projects now complete and the $8.8billion Building Canada Fund about to expire, the minister is expected to announce an extension of the program in the budget.
Flaherty has given a broad outline of what he intends to do on the skills training front, saying he wants ottawa to have a greater say in how $2.5 billion a year is spent in order to have a better match between jobs that Canadians are being [URL=http://www.greenmyoffice.co.uk]beatsbydresale[/URL] trained for and those actually available.
"We're going to talk about manufacturing in the budget tomorrow and some specific measures that we are going to take particularly to help manufacturing enterprises in canada, including ontario's,"He said wednesday at a roots clothing store in toronto where he engaged in the traditional prebudget photoop of trying on a new pair of shoes.
Manufacturers will [URL=http://www.greenmyoffice.co.uk]drebeatssolohd[/URL] almost certainly have their expiring tax credit for purchases of machinery and equipment renewed at more than $1 billion a year and ottawa may seek to leverage its procurement muscle, particularly in the defence sector, to encourage the development of new technology in canada.


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Pink ipod of doom
While i write reviews, my kitty cats come invariably come into my room to check out what i've been up to and why i haven't been paying full attention to them and their feline drama.Spock, my polydactyl orange tabby, has taken a real shine to the pink ipod of doom and makes sure he gets into perfect position to both cover the ipod proper with his belly and play with the attached cel phone strap trinkets.He likes my shopping bags and my vivienne westwood chocker too.Boston blackie, spock's brother and also an orange tabby, is much more interested in my shoes, handbags, and luggage.I get the feeling they [URL=http://fordhamjoiners.co.uk]Ralph Lauren Outlet[/URL] both might be gay.As if my life weren't interesting enough!Too bad they are both neutered.Onto the reviews!We have a winner, a loser, and a middling to fair, so dive in with me and the 'pod!Summer may be over, but the heat is on!

Azumanga daioh original soundtrack vol.1Well, spank my butt and call me Sam.I enjoyed this soundtrack more than i enjoyed the anime, and the anime was a real treat for me.This music is bouncy without being obnoxious or repetitive.I particularly enjoyed the jazzier moments that began several tracks, and the slight celtic influences that ran throughout because of the liberal use of pipestyle instruments.Every piece is short and distinct, but they ordered in such a way as to complement each other nicely.Track this down, boys and girls, because there will always come a rainy day in awful traffic when this cheerful album will come in handy!

Where i took it:Retail is boring, azudai is not!

Where it took me:This disc made me happier.There's not much else to say, because"Happy"Is such a nice place to be!

Standout track:Oranges and lemons soramimi cake i will never tire of this great song!It is distinctive without being annoying and understated without being boring.

Skipit track:Is it a break?2 This one just seemed too highpitched and manic, but it made complete sense in the context of the anime.

Rating:4.5 out of 5

Tenjho tenge Great disc 1i've never been a big fan of drama tracks, and this"Great"Disc did nothing to change my mind.The two longest tracks on this disc are japanese drama tracks, and while they are well executed, they are a waste to real music aficionados.Almost 10 minutes at the beginning and almost 16 minutes at the end are yipping in japanese!Now, i don't mind it, but i wouldn't entertain guests with this cd, which is a shame.The rest of this disc is inspired stuff, masterfully applied musical theory and scenic logic combining to heighten action sequences and moments of suspense.Electronic basics and what sounds to me like a full orchestra come together to make music that could pass as video game fodder but has a great deal more depth.The vocal tracks are a real treat, don't miss them!My suggestion:Rip the whole thing and ditch the drama tracks.

Where [URL=http://ledonk.co.uk]Louis Vuitton Bags uk[/URL] i took it:Leaving on a jet plane.

Where it took me:It was like being in a great fighting game with moments under the sun in bikinis!

Standout track:Minori chihara i won't give up!When japanese women have a slightly lower range and growl into their rock'n'roll, it makes me feel all giddy inside!

Skipit track:Aya i was bored by this and shouldn't have been.It was too much like"Smooth jazz", the stuff you hear in the afternoons in the dentist's office, for my taste.

Rating:3.5 out of 5

Anime karaoke collection 1now, this album is very strange indeed.The first 11 tracks are nonvocal versions of various anime themes, some from atitles(Evangelion, chobits), some from Btitles(Ai yori aoshi, utena), and some from Ctitles(Texnolyze, mahoromatic).The tracks all have incomplete backing vocals, this being most apparent in coppelia's casket, the theme from noir.These are fun oddities to own, i do admit.One track is the ax theme song, sung my kotoko, a talented vocalist who has done projects ranging from hgame themes to mainstream ops.Now, why, you might ask, would you buy an album with tracks in japanese sung by an american(And no, let's not bring up utada right now. )?Especially when that is a big selling point of the album?After listening to this, i would have skipped this release completely but for the kotoko track and the semiinstrumentals.Stephanie's vocals are earnest and technically fine, but it sounds like she's just a professional karaoke singer.That could be the fault of the producers;Britney spears has an awful voice, but her"In the zone"Album was very slick.Here, we have a passable voice.I feel so much more could have been done here.Even the english song she sings feels forced.

Where i took this:Out on the road, no one can hear you sing along.

Where it took me:This was a mixed bag.I wanted to get my copy of protools and do so much better.

Standout track:Kotoko wing my way lovely!This is a great track to introduce such a unique voice to america.One track is not enough to save an album.
Costume Ideas For A Great Halloween

Buying halloween costumes can be annoying and frustrating.The costumes are so expensive and when you open the package you have some cheap fabric and some flimsy plastic.No wonder you're thinking of making your own halloween costumes.It's a great idea, to make your own costume.Here are few good ideas.

For women, one of the easiest costumes to make is a witch costume.A black dress and shoes, and a witch hat, which you can make yourself or buy in a store, are all you need for a basic witch costume.You can add to the costume, of course, by adding accessories.You can use face paint to make your face green.You can carry a broom or a stuffed black cat.Consider practicing cackling.

Also for women, dressing as an animal is easy.By taking a leotard or other form fitting clothing, you can create the base for any number of animal costumes.Add a headband with ears for a cat or other animalthese can be purchased at costume stores or made with construction paperand a tail, and you have a completed animal costume.

Another easy costume is a jellyfish costume.Dress in white.Acquire a clear plastic umbrella and attach streamers to the inside of the umbrella.Carry the umbrella around with you, and you are a jellyfish.

You can also be a night sky.There are a few options available for this costume.You can wear either navy blue or black, and you can make the stars out of either glow in the dark stick on stars or glow in the dark fabric paint.If you are using the stick on stars, use fabric glue to attach them to the fabric, as the sticky material including with the stars will not work on fabric.

You can also go as the devil.This is another costume idea that could work for either gender.Get yourself some red or black clothes and then you need devil's horns.Devil's horns can be purchased almost anywhere near halloween or online year round.You can also make your own horns with very little effort.

Zombies are an increasingly popular gender neutral costume idea.For a zombie costume, all you really need is makeup, although some torn clothes wouldn't hurt the costume.Use the makeup to make your face as pale as possible and add some shadows under your eyes with eye shadow.

Creative costume ideas are out there, and don't take much in the way of time or effort.Use your personality and craft something that is uniquely you.



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