[DTV] Clan Returns

We are back!

Yes I lost the domain to a guy who made a website dedicated to his dog.

After waiting on it to expire (it never did) i picked up this domain to get us going again.

Post a message in the forums to get us going!



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Nombre de concurrents:156 hommes et 104 femmes.Chaque pays ne peut aligner plus d'une quipe masculine et d'une quipe fminine.
Dates des comptitions:Du 29 juillet au 12 aot, pas de match le 11 aot
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Homer is located on the southwest side of the kenai peninsula borough along the shores of kachemak bay.It is known as the"Halibut capital of the world"And features the homer spit, a narrow 4.5mile gravel bar that extends into the bay and houses Homer Harbor.The city is easily accessible by land, air or sea, [URL=http://www.dreamlocal.org]Ralph Lauren Outlet[/URL] and the fishing industry and tourism support the local economy.Travelers enjoy views of snowcapped mountains with glaciers;Fishing for salmon, trout and halibut;Wildlife viewing from area beaches;And sea kayaking the bay.When traveling to homer, there are a number of rv campsites from which to choose.
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